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Q&A with John Lorince, Outside Sales, Leff Electric
How RepFiles prepares an outside sales representative with the information his customers need, when they need it.

When do you use the RepFiles app most often?
“I use RepFiles when I’m outside the office either on my way to a customer meeting or during a customer meeting. It serves as a replacement to carrying catalogs, binders or folders full of printed information. I can access everything right from my mobile device and know that it’s up-to-date.”

Describe a few typical scenarios when you would access content on RepFiles.


“In instances where I would normally need to pull out a folder or go to a desktop computer, with RepFiles I have it on my mobile device. I could be having a conversation with a customer who might be interested in something. I could say, “You know what, I might have it right here.” I can then go to RepFiles and pull up that information right away. In our work, the quicker you can give a response or give people the information they need, the more likely you’re going to get the sale.”


“During a customer meeting, I’ll ask if they received something I sent to them. If not, I can pull it up on RepFiles and re-send it to them right there. That way they have it in their inbox before I leave the meeting.”


“My company has our own Plugin that our marketing department loads with company documents and information from manufacturers that are not yet participating with RepFiles. If I’m calling on a new customer, I can email them a credit application or separate job account form right from RepFiles.”

What types of content do you most frequently access through RepFiles?

Cut sheets delivered through RepFiles by participating manufacturers or through our own company Plugin. This could also be information on a new product we are bringing into stock.”

Promotional information, including special vendor promotions as well as promotions we generate in-house, such as internal spiffs and customer trips.”

Company documents that I know I might need, such as customer forms or a company phone number extension list.”

Why is it important to have access to these resources when talking to customers?
“A customer is being solicited by many distributors. Many have some of the same things to offer, so the question becomes—what differentiates you from your competition? This could be a number of things including your relationship, pricing or service. Service can include having things in stock, having it quickly available or getting the right information to the customer quickly.”

“It's better if I can give a customer answers while I am standing there in front of him, otherwise if I need to leave to go find the answer, in the meantime he could be calling three other distributors. As a reliable sales person, I need to be responsive, pro-active and make it easier for my customers to get what they need.”

“Plus, sometimes there may be an opportunity that comes along that I did not expect. I may have an agenda when I first walk in, but soon realize the customer is more interested in something else. If an opportunity presents itself, the more tools you have in your bag, the better.”

Why do you use RepFiles rather than going to a manufacturer’s website or app?
“RepFiles allows me to have a one-stop shop so that I have everything I need in one location. I don’t need to access 50 different manufacturer apps or websites. I have one login and I can easily get in and out of the app whenever I need.”

What content is most important for manufacturers to deliver through RepFiles?
“A very simplified version of new product information, such as spec sheets or catalog sections. If I know about new products and use this as a reason to go visit a customer, I can easily show this product information through RepFiles with a cut sheet the manufacturer has uploaded.”

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