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Consider four reasons why now may be the best time to deliver sales and marketing content to your sales reps and distributors through RepFiles.

1.) The fastest-growing generation with the greatest lifetime value of any customer is conditioned to making purchases while looking at a screen.
As primarily visual buyers and learners, Millennials are predicted to outspend Baby Boomers in 2017. Sales people can grab their attention by showing digital content during a sales call.

2.) Increase use of mobile technology.
According to the 2015 NAED Technology Benchmarking Survey, 87% of distributors use smartphones, 79% are using tablets and 52% utilize mobile apps.

3.) Time wasted due to outdated information.
92% of NAED distributors consider "a reliable source for product information" a top issue. Remove discontinued product information or outdated pricing from RepFiles and it is removed from your users’ devices.

4.) Demand for sales personnel to access the information they need in the moment they need it.
"Over the next five years, the digital impact on the sales process for reps will be game-changing. Reps must have the ability to visualize, collaborate and see the sales process unfold in real time." (Source: 2015 Rep of the Future White Paper commissioned by NEMRA with research conducted by Farmington Consulting Group)

How easy is it for sales personnel to access your company's content compared to your competitors? Create a path of least resistance by delivering collateral directly to where your sales team wants it, using a tool they likely already use.

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