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The common file types below are recommended so that RepFiles users can easily view your content regardless of their device's operating system. File size recommendations are also listed as any downloaded files will take up storage space on your users’ devices.

Recommended Document Files*:
File type: PDF
File size per page: 0.5 MB (graphic intense) or 100 KB (text intense)
Max. number of pages per document (according to recent survey results): 5-10

*XLS, XLSX and PPT can be delivered through RepFiles, but functionality will depend on what programs the user has installed.
*DOC and DOCX files should be reserved for files that may require editing or act as templates. Users will need to save these files in a different location in order to edit. If your document does not require editing, we recommend uploading the file as a PDF.
Recommended Image Files:

File type: JPEG or PNG
File size: 1440 pixels wide x (XXX) tall
Max. file resolution: 2048 pixels wide x (XXXX) pixels tall

Recommended Video Files:
File type: MP4 (.wmv files are not compatible with most devices)
Data rate: 700 kbps
Dimension: 720x
Frame rate: 29 frames per second
File size per length: 6-7 MB per 1 minute of video
Max. length of video (according to recent survey): 1-2 minutes

Recommended Audio Files:
File type: MP3
Data rate: 64 kbps
Frequency: 44100 Hz
File size per length: 0.5 MB per 1 minute of audio
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