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Learn why Service Wire uses RepFiles to deliver sales and marketing collateral to their salespeople.

When Marketing Manager Mary Brown first started working at Service Wire, file sharing with their external sales rep agencies was a big gap in their sales and marketing toolbox.

Brown initially implemented software she used while working at an advertising agency. While the software was ideal for project management and collaboration, Brown discovered that it did not work for the distribution model.

They needed only Service Wire content managers to have editing permissions, while giving their reps the latest customer-facing content. Files needed to be easily accessible on their mobile devices, available offline and easily kept up-to-date.

That’s when Service Wire’s reps introduced Brown to RepFiles.

They explained that it was inconvenient to use separate software for Service Wire while so many of their other lines were using RepFiles. The current software’s low activity reports reflected this attitude.

In addition, RepFiles was completely free for the reps and allowed Service Wire to grant as many people access to their content as they wanted while still controlling access permissions.

Brown began using RepFiles by generating one "plugin," which contained folders of sales and marketing content for their reps. As the barrier to access these files decreased, their reps’ activity increased.

“I think of it as a publishing tool,” Brown said. “We can create great marketing, but it’s only as effective as our delivery method. RepFiles enables us to engage our entire salesforce when distributing our message.”

Feedback was so positive that Service Wire launched a second plugin for their internal salespeople, which included secure documents they did not want to share with their reps. With the RepFiles NAED Edition now available, a third plugin also gives their distributor partners a single place to access sales tools.

Service Wire content delivered to internal salespeople and reps through RepFiles NEMRA app.

Service Wire content delivered to distributors through RepFiles NAED app.

“It’s been a great return on investment 
to get our marketing materials in the hands of our salespeople – internal, reps and distributors – who are out in the field,” Brown said. “I just can’t say enough about RepFiles. It’s probably the most useful platform we have.”

summarizes some of the system’s benefits below:

• Already used by many reps and distributors

• Free for users to access

• Files are accessible offline

• Read-only permissions so that reps and distributors can’t accidentally delete or change manufacturers’ files

• Messaging capability for alerting users of new content outside of their email inbox

• Reports show who accesses the content, how often and which files are being used

• Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices

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