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For a limited time, NEMRA rep members can sign up for a free lifetime subscription to deliver sales collateral to their salespeople through the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app. Sales rep users can now access content being delivered to them by their manufacturers as well as their own company for no cost.

Sign your company up by completing the online form here:


What's Included in a Free Subscription?

 In-App Content Management.
Content managers can use the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app to upload and manage content. (Click here to learn more.) To manage content using our Windows desktop application, licenses are available for purchase for $125 per year per license.

● Auto-Sync Content from Current Cloud Storage Provider.
Update files in fewer locations by auto-syncing from your current cloud storage provider into RepFiles for all your authorized users to access. (Click here for a list of compatible services.) 

● One Custom Company Plugin.
Your content is delivered to your sales team through a "plugin" located inside the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app. The plugin targets a specific folder in your company's storage location. When users are authorized to access this plugin, they can only access content stored inside the targeted folder. (Additional plugins are available for purchase.)

● Access to Your Manufacturers' Plugins (no subscription required).
Your team can access an unlimited number of files delivered by manufacturers. Users can request access to their content from inside the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app.

● Unlimited users.
Deliver content to any number of users while remaining in control of who gets access. 

● Unlimited storage.
While content should be mobile-friendly, there is no cap on the number of files that can be delivered or accessed through RepFiles.

● Notifications.
Immediately alert your team of important updates by sending messages and push notifications to their devices.

● Reporting.
Companies managing content can see which users are accessing their files and what materials are being downloaded, viewed and shared the most.

Why RepFiles Over Other File Delivery Services?

RepFiles brings your manufacturers’ content PLUS collateral managed by your company into a single, unified application. Companies can easily deliver key sales materials to their salespeople’s mobile devices and efficiently keep them up-to-date.

With all sales and marketing content consolidated inside the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app, salespeople can:

● Quickly access content in front of customers
● Attach files delivered by different companies to a single email
● Download files for offline use
● Receive alerts regarding important updates
● Sync to ensure all content is up-to-date

Questions? Contact for more information or to schedule an online demo.

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