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Plugin Administrators can now auto-authorize RepFiles users to access plugins by adding their email domain to the "Allowed Domains" list. By allowing plugin access by email domain, all registered users with this email domain will automatically be granted access.

After logging-in to with your RepFiles account information, click on the Plugin Manager tab. Click on the Users link located beneath the plugin.

Allowed Users
The "Allowed Users" tab lists all registered users that have been granted access to the plugin individually.

Click on Add New User to manually grant plugin access to users who have already registered. Administrators can search by individual email address or email domain. Only users who have registered for a RepFiles account will appear in the search results. 

Allowed Domains
The "Allowed Domains" tab lists all email domains that have been auto-authorized to access the plugin.

Click on Add New Domain to grant access to any RepFiles users registered with a specific email domain - both now and in the future. If new users register for RepFiles using this domain name, they will automatically be granted access to this plugin.

Denied Users
The "Denied Users" tab lists all users who have been denied plugin access even if their email domain has been added to the "Allowed Domains" list. When certain users leave a company, for example, you can add them to the "Denied Users" list. This allows all users who register with an allowed domain to automatically get plugin access, EXCEPT for those that you add to the "Denied Users" list.

Click on Add New User to deny access to any registered RepFiles users. (Please note that Public-Secure and Private-Secure plugins will automatically deny all users access until they are granted access under the "Allowed Users" or "Allowed Domains" list.)

Allowed users, allowed domains and denied users can be deleted at any time simply by checking the box next to the user or domain and selecting Delete.

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