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Uploading new content inside a RepFiles plugin? Have an important company announcement to share with your sales force?

RepFiles administrators can send
messages and push notifications through the app to alert their users of key announcements and updates. Messages will appear in a centralized location inside the app, while urgent or important messages can be sent as push notifications that will appear in users' device notification center.

Click here to see how messages and push notifications appear to users inside the RepFiles apps.

Learn how to send messages and push notifications by following these easy steps:

How to Send a Message/Push Notification:

1. Sign in to with your RepFiles account information, then select the Plugin Manager tab.

2. Locate the plugin relative to the message that you want to send, then select the “messages” link. All users who are authorized to access this plugin will receive your message if they have installed the plugin.

3. Here you will see a list of messages that have either been published, archived or are currently saved as drafts. Select “new message.”

4. For a message to appear only in your users’ list of messages, make sure “message board” is selected as the target. For a message to appear in your users’ device notification center, change the target to “message board + push notification.” Users who have enabled notifications for your plugin will receive the message as a push notification and in their messages list. The message will still appear to users in their messages list even if notifications have been turned off.

5. Enter the subject line (mandatory) and body of the message.

Link to Existing Folders/Files
Your message can include links to existing files and/or folders. Select “link to existing folder or file,” then check the box next to the folder you want to link, or click on the folder name to link to a folder or file inside. Once an item has been chosen, select “attach.” You can link to as many items as desired.

Upload Files to Appear When Message is Published
You can also upload files to appear inside the plugin only when the message is published. This is a great tool for when you want to schedule a message to be sent at a later date. Click “select target folder” to choose the folder where you would like to upload the files. Next, select “choose files” to select files from your computer that you would like to upload. Lastly, select “upload” and you will see the folder path listed under attachments. When the message is published, the uploaded files will also be added to the plugin.

Schedule a Message for Later
To schedule the message to be sent at a later time, enter the date and time then select “schedule for later.” (Please note that the RepFiles message system uses the UT/GMT time standard.)

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