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All content should be named in a clear and organized fashion so that RepFiles users can quickly determine where to find the files they need and what information is included in each file.

Here are some tips to follow when naming folders and files inside your plugin:

  • Folder and file names should not include any of the following characters as they are prohibited by Windows: > < * | : ? " / \
  • Folder and file names should not end in a space.
  • Include words or characters that are easily identifiable by users.
  • Keep names as short as possible. Due to the path length limitation of 260 characters on all Windows devices, this tip is important for making sure Windows app users can successfully download your files.
  • Consider naming files with key words that users may enter in the app's search feature. When utilizing the app's search feature, users can search for all files that have a certain key word included in the file name (as shown in the screenshot below).

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