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Below are tips for effectively utilizing the RepFiles messages and push notifications feature that will help get your messages heard and continue to increase the value that RepFiles brings to your sales force.

After you review these tips, check out these easy steps for sending messages and push notifications through RepFiles.

Click here to see how messages and push notifications appear to users inside the RepFiles apps.

Timing & Frequency

  • Focus on quality, not quantity.

Especially for push notifications, sending more is not better. Refrain from sending push notifications more than once per week.

  • Consider your users' time.

When sending a push notification, consider the time of day and day of the week. Since the updates you are sending are work-related, send push notifications in the mornings and/or afternoons during the week. Respect your users’ personal time and sleeping hours by avoiding evenings and weekends.


  • Stay relevant and valuable to your users.

Always send messages that are relevant to your users. When sending a push notification, determine whether the message really requires their immediate attention. If users enabled notifications for your plugin, they trust that what you send is going to be valuable every single time.

Examples of great message content include:

- Announcements regarding new content that’s been added
- Key updates to existing content
- Company news relevant to those accessing your plugin

  • Link to folders and files whenever appropriate.

Linking to content referenced in a message is a great way to get your users to download the relevant materials right away. There is no limit to the number of folders and files you can link, but don’t overwhelm your users. Keep linked content specific to one topic or product.

  • Avoid new plugin announcements (unless sent to users of an existing plugin).

Remember that users will not receive your messages until they have installed your plugin. So by the time your users receive the message, they have already accessed the plugin. Instead, consider focusing on a specific folder and/or piece of content that you want to highlight inside the new plugin.


  • Keep it short and sweet.

Be direct and to the point. Keep subject lines to 10 words or less.

  • Be specific.

Avoid being generic. For example, don’t send out a message simply reminding users to sync. Have you updated documents or added new content? Tell they why they should sync.

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