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Watch the video below to learn how content managers can manage plugin content from inside the RepFiles app:

An admin icon will appear over the plugins you have permission to manage. (If you have the latest app update installed and do not see this icon, please contact to check your account permissions.) Any changes that you make to the plugin content inside the RepFiles app will be reflected on all your authorized users' devices.

Additional menu options are available inside the plugin, including Rename, Delete, Create Folder and Copy/Paste.

In addition to updating existing content, you can also add new files to your company plugins. Share files from other applications to the RepFiles app, then choose the plugin and folder where the content should be uploaded.

If you have been granted access to other companies' plugins, you can also add their content to your own plugins. Selected the desired files, then choose Add to Plugin from the menu.

Tip: If you are taking screenshots of the RepFiles app to share with users, you may want to hide the admin icons since these will not be visible to them. To disable the icons, select Options from the main screen menu. Under Advanced, disable the Display Admin Icons, then select Apply or Save. Re-enable Display Admin Icons if you would like the admin icons to reappear.

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