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RepFiles users can request access to public-secure plugins from inside the RepFiles app. By specifying the email address(es) that should receive these access requests, you can be sure the correct people from your company are approving and/or denying users access as quickly as possible.

By selecting Add New (or the plus icon) located in the main screen menu, users can see a list of available public and public-secure plugins. From here they can select a public-secure plugin (indicated by a red lock).

Users can then view the plugin description and select Request Access.

An email that includes information about the user will be sent to the email address(es) of your choice.

How to specify the recipient of access request emails

1. As an administrator, log-in to with your RepFiles account information.

2. Select the Plugin Manager page.

3. Select the [Access Request Recipients] link located underneath the plugin.

4. Enter the email address that should receive the plugin access request emails.

5. Add additional information about the recipients (optional).

6. Select Add.

PLEASE NOTE: If no emails are listed on the Access Request Recipients page, access request emails will be sent to all administrators by default.

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