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After downloading the RepFiles app, all users are prompted to register for an account, then sign into the app. After you have signed-in to the app, the system will recognize which plugins your account has been authorized to access. 


If you created a RepFiles account in the past but are unable to sign-in, you can reset your password here.

Enter the email address you used when registering for a RepFiles account, then select Send Reset Link. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password. Please note that new passwords must be a minimum of seven characters and case sensitive.

After you have successfully reset your password, please remember to re-sign-in to the RepFiles app on ALL devices that have the app installed.

To re-sign-in, select 
Options (or the settings icon) located in the main screen menu. Re-enter your RepFiles account information, then select Sign in. If you receive an "authentication succeeded" message, select Save or Apply.

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