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Enter a plugin that is currently in Sync All mode. This is indicated by a green sync icon located over the plugin icon.

Long-press (or right-click) on the files or folders you want to remain in the cloud even after a sync is performed. A green check mark will appear over the selected items. Choose Toggle Exclude From Sync located in the menu.

An orange circle will appear over the selected items. The next time you sync, these files will remain stored in the cloud rather than synced to your device.


To download a file that is stored in the cloud and excluded from sync, the app must be online. Simply touch or click the file to download it. (You can also long-press or right-click on multiple items, then select download from the menu.)

As long as the exclude from sync setting remains on these files, they will be removed from your device's storage the next time you sync.

To remove the toggle exclude from sync setting, long-press or right-click on the folders or files with orange circle icons. Select Toggle Exclude From Sync from the menu and the orange circle icons will disappear.

The next time you sync, these files will download to your device and can be viewed while the app is offline.


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