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A "Request Access" feature is available to RepFiles users who wish to access Public-Secure plugins found inside the app on the "Add New" screen.

What happens when RepFiles users select "Request Access?"
1) Administrators receive an email that will include the email address of the RepFiles users requesting access, the name of the plugin they would like to access and the RepFiles application they are utilizing.

2) An "Access Requests" link will appear beneath the plugin on the Plugin Manager tab on, along with the number of pending requests.


To approve users' requests, administrators can follow these steps:

1) Log-in to and select the Plugin Manager tab.

2) Click on the "Access Requests" link located beneath the appropriate plugin. (If the "Access Requests" link does not appear, this means you do not have any pending requests.)

3) Check the box next to the users that you would like to approve, then select "Allow."

4) The approved users will be added to your plugin's "Allowed Users" list. An email notification will automatically be sent to these users and they will be able to access your plugin inside the RepFiles app.

If you selected "Deny," these users will receive an email notification informing them that their request has not been approved. They will not be able to access the plugin inside the RepFiles app.

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