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What is MyFiles?
MyFiles is a location inside the RepFiles app for each registered user to store and manage content in their own personal way. Only you will be able to access the content inside your MyFiles plugin. External files or files from other plugins can be uploaded to MyFiles to make them easily accessible - anytime, anywhere.

How do I get access to MyFiles?
Access to MyFiles is free! Simply open the RepFiles app and select Add New (or the plus icon) located in the main screen menu. Select the MyFiles icon, then Install. Choose Enter Plugin if you wish to enter without downloading any files, or Sync All to immediately download all content to your device for offline viewing.

Can I access MyFiles on multiple devices?
Any files that you upload to MyFiles on one device will be available inside the app on other devices. Any changes that you make to the content will also be reflected across devices. You can decide which files are downloaded for offline use for each device.

How many files can I upload to MyFiles?
Each user is allotted one gigabyte of storage inside MyFiles. An indicator shows how much storage space you are currently utilizing.

How can I add files from other plugins to MyFiles?
In preparation for a meeting or to serve as a shortcut to your frequently used files, you many decide to add files from other RepFiles plugins to your MyFiles plugin.

Long-press (or right-click) on a file or multiple files so that a green check mark appears. Select Add to MyFiles from the menu. (If you are a content manager, select Add to Plugin, then select MyFiles.) Select the folder where you would like to upload the files. These files will then be copied to your MyFiles plugin.

(Please remember that companies can update the files in their own plugins and that these changes will not be reflected on any files that you have added to your MyFiles plugin.)

How can I upload external files to MyFiles?
If there are files that you would like to access inside the RepFiles app that are currently not available in other plugins, you can upload them to MyFiles. Send or share a file to the RepFiles app. (If you are a content manager, select MyFiles as your desired plugin.) Select the folder where you would like to upload the files. These files will then be added to your MyFiles plugin.

How can I organize and manage the content inside MyFiles?
Unlike other plugins, MyFiles includes a Delete option in the menu. Deleting files permanently removes them from your MyFiles plugin.

(Please note that selecting Move to Cloud will remove files from your device's storage location, but you will still be able to re-download them from the cloud when the app is online.)

Additional menu options also include Create Folder, Rename, Copy, Cut and Paste.

Can I remove MyFiles after installing it?

If you decide that you do not want to use MyFiles on a particular device, simply long-press (or right-click) on the MyFiles icon and select Remove. The icon will move to the app’s Add New screen in case you decide to re-install it at a later time.

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