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Step 1. Log-in to RWA
Go to Select your desired edition from the drop-down box, then log-in using your RepFiles account information.

If you have not yet registered for a RepFiles account, click on the link to register or register here now. (As a reminder, there is no cost for sales reps or distributors to sign-up for RepFiles.)


Step 2. Request Access and/or Install Public Plugins
Any plugins that you’ve already been approved to access will appear on your home screen with a green lock.


To request access to additional plugins and/or install public plugins, select Add Plugin from the left side menu.


Select the plugin you wish to access. If the plugin has a red lock, you will need to select Request Access. You will receive an email notification once your account is approved.

If the plugin has no lock, it is accessible to all users. Select the plugin, then select Add to add it to your home screen.


Step 3. Install & View Content
Once your account is approved, the plugin will appear on your home screen with a green lock. Select the plugin to access the content.




To view messages sent by companies delivering content, select Messages from the left side menu. You will only receive messages related to plugins that you have installed.


Click on a message to view its content, including links to any related files.


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